Indian Cinema - Form and Content

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'Indian Cinema - Form and Content' is an essay I had written twenty six years back, while I was studying at the Film and TV Institute of India. This exercise was a part of our course, where we had to write something about Sociology of Indian Cinema. 

Anil Zankar was my supervisor on this one. I remember while in my third year he asked me if he could publish parts of this in a Marathi language book that he was editing on Indian Cinema.  

I found this in the attic of our house in Udupi, my home town. The version uploaded in the one that has been typed, if I remember well, by the tutorial section at the FTII. I have scanned it as I have found it - so it has some typo errors, some spelling errors and the likes.

I am now amused by certain assumptions that I have made, but the essay makes a broad point that Indian films over the years have not come out of the mythological framework  that has been thrust upon them ever since we have seen and known cinema a century ago, both in form and content. Hence, the regressive nature of our mainstream cinema. 

I still stick by this broad point, more so when I see recently released films like 'Bajrang Baijaan' or 'MSG:The Messenger'.

My apologies if you find any errors while reading the pdf file; but as they say in accounting language it is E&OE, meaning Errors and omissions excepted. 

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