Lohit Diary - a documentary film.

Poster for LOHIT DIARY

Duration: 76 Minutes
Year: 2015
Camera: Narayanan Venkataraman
Sound: Sanotsh Kumar
Producers: Films Division, India
Editing, Direction & Executive Producer: Ramchandra PN

Amidst wide spread opium cultivation in the Lohit River valley in Eastern Arunachal Pradesh, North-East India, Basamlu Kisikro engages opium growers into shifting to green tea, Tewa Manpoong supports fellow addicts into rehabilitation and Uncle Moosa spreads the joy of reading amongst children.

Uncle Moosa (right)
Tewa Manpoong (Right)
Basamlu Kisikro


The posters of the film and the stills can be reproduced as it is elsewhere.

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