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I would like to keep it....

A few days back, late at about ten in the night, I receive a missed call from a valued colleague. I call back after a while. Me: "You had called...?"  Colleague: "Yes.. this is not relating to work, but something else... Can we talk now?" Me: "Sure..." Colleague: "Ram, would you be interested in being a part of the Jury to the Panorama...?" Me: (Not sure) "Meaning...?" Colleague: "You know, there is a Jury that decides the films that are shown in the Panorama section... in the film festival in Goa..." Me: "Oh, the pre-selection of the films for the Panorama Section...?" Colleague: "Yes, the pre-selection committee... would you be interested?" I am not sure on what capacity he is offering me this post. I assume that the powers that be might have asked him to make his own pre-selection. Me: "Hmmm... well... when does this happen...?" Colleague: "It happens in Nov