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'Haal e Kangaal' on

Finally, Haal e Kangaal (The Bankrupts) is seeing a VOD (Video on Demand) release at MOVIZZ.COM. Please do click on the snap below, go to the site, log in, watch the movie and tell us about it. 'Haal e Kangaal' being watched on demand If you want to screen 'Haal e Kangaal' (The Bankrupts) or any of my other film in your schools, colleges , film clubs and offices, please contact us  HERE. 

The Peda from Dharwad

There is something about Dharwad that makes me go back to it every now and then. Dharwad Pedas Although this is where I had shot my second feature film ‘Putaani Party’  in 2008, my first memories of this place dates back to my childhood. We were transferred there. I was in my high school, then.  It was here that I had started learning cycling. It was here that I was waiting by the highway, in excitement for three hours on an empty stomach, to watch the London-Sydney care race, getting thrilled by the swanky cars zip by.  The route touched the town of Dharwad and our school had declared half a day of holiday, so that we kids see this race.  It was here when we friends giggled away to glory when we watched a naked monk who was on a religious padayatra (a tour by walk). Poor man, he was oblivious to our intent. It was here that I saw my first film shooting - that of Shankar Nag's 'Minchina Oota'. We had taken his autograph, then. It was here that I first saw G