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Email conversations with a cinephile.

MK Raghavendra
Greetings. I have today sent you a dvd copy of my new feature film called 'Haal-e-Kangaal (The Bankrupts)'. I was wondering if you could see the film at your convenience and give an opinion on it.

******* Dear Mr Ramachandra,  I watched your film and found it very interesting conceptually. But here are some critical comments: a)It is a very personal film, I think, about the dreams film students have, the compromises they make and where they finally go. I would say that it is very, very pessimistic. It shows how most lives are actually wasted. 20 years after graduating people are forced to tell lies to those who were once closest to them – to look better than they are. It is also about the end of friendships. b)Its difficulty is that it is too personal. It is like making a film only for those who have gone through the same experiences. There will be very few who will feel what you feel by watching your film – which should be your purpose. c)The reason, I think, tha…

“Bankrupts penetrates ones mind and conscience in its own Taka tak way”.

Naveen Sunag is an independent film maker based out of UK. He is a graduate from the VGIK film school in Russia. His views after watching the film The Bankrupts (Haal-e-Kangaal):- "The Bankruts ( Haal - e – Kangal), a film made by dear friend, film maker P.N. Ramchandra effectively narrates the intellectual, emotional , ethical, cultural, professional so on and so forth, bankruptcy of the society. 

It is a productive piece that shows the decadence of the present world around us. A world of adjustments, easily jumping to conclusion and passing on judgements on one another.
The jump cuts and the characters of the film going inside their characters, coming out of them at times to narrate the script as another character (This also reminds me of one my own scripts), a technique used in the film goes well with the narration. 
Needless to say both actors have done good justice to the characters they have played. In all the film engages the audience well and the content of the film make…

Tulu Cinema - a response


Memories of a Gotala...

Nostalgia sucks, but for some strange reason, I have cut one frame of the negative film of an unused take of my diploma film that I had done at the Film and TV Institute of India (FTII) in 1990 and I have preserved it over the years. A diploma film is the final exercise that any student does at FTII.

My film's name was GOTALA (The Mess) and since it was in black and white, it was 30 minutes in length. The ones who choose color then, had to go only up to 20 minutes.
Again for some strange reason, Mathi Azhagan the cameraman who shot my diploma film had preserved a copy of the script of GOTALA for all these years. Mathi was a faculty in the Cinematography Department at FTII when I was studying. He had just graduated from the State film school in Chennai and he had already shot my song exercise.
In 2009, I had been to the LV Prasad Film Institute to conduct a documentary film workshop. Mathi was a faculty here. I had lunch at his house, after which he carefully opened a file from a c…

Indian Cinema - Form and Content

'Indian Cinema - Form and Content' is an essay I had written twenty six years back, while I was studying at the Film and TV Institute of India. This exercise was a part of our course, where we had to write something about Sociology of Indian Cinema. 
Anil Zankar was my supervisor on this one. I remember while in my third year he asked me if he could publish parts of this in a Marathi language book that he was editing on Indian Cinema.  
I found this in the attic of our house in Udupi, my home town. The version uploaded in the one that has been typed, if I remember well, by the tutorial section at the FTII. I have scanned it as I have found it - so it has some typo errors, some spelling errors and the likes.
I am now amused by certain assumptions that I have made, but the essay makes a broad point that Indian films over the years have not come out of the mythological framework  that has been thrust upon them ever since we have seen and known cinema a century ago, both in form …

Chasing an audience...


Lohit Diary - a documentary film.

Poster for LOHIT DIARY
Duration: 76 Minutes Year: 2015 Camera: Narayanan Venkataraman Sound: Sanotsh Kumar Producers: Films Division, India Editing, Direction & Executive Producer: Ramchandra PN