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The graveyard at Ahmednagar

Haal e Kangaal Poster I always wondered if Haal-e-Kangaal (The Bankrupts) would blend itself well with an rural audience. Some of my friends who have seen this film too have expressed apprehensions about this.  Post screening. The twenty five screening that I have had of this film were largely for a city based audiences and in cities. This is an audience that has already an exposure for offbeat cinema and world cinema. To an extent I found their positive reactions to the film, not surprising. But I always wanted a rural or a small town screening. That is when I thought the 'niche' tag would vanish for this film. I found an opportunity when I screened the film in Ahmednagar, a small town in central Maharashtra, at the New Arts, Science and Commerce college. Bapu Chandanshive Bapu Chandanshive who heads the Communication Department is the guiding force behind the film club that the Arts department runs at the campus. The club is presently managed by th