The Tough, the Missing and the Scratches.

The mantra was to complete, deliver and move on…
But hey, wait… where is the protagonist?
When the going got tough, the tough got missing!

Information withheld knowingly, facts released untimely;
There could be scratches on the emulsion.


Amit said…
namaste sir, came to your blog through some other blogs.
read these few lines , could you please explain more... please:-)
Ramchandra PN said…
Thanks for leaving your footprints on my blog. Actually, I feel that there is nothing to be explained. The meaning lies in the reader's mind. Whatever meaning a sincere reader feels while reading the lines - i am ok with it.
Would like to know your thoughts on the lines - on what it meant for you...

What do you do? Although you have started your blog on 2007, there are no entries.

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