A Filmy Treatment

In a recent hectic outdoor shooting of mine, more than half the unit members had gone down with diarrhea and related illness.

We thought it was the stress, but there would have been shoots that might have resulted in greater stress levels.

We thought it was the food; we had changed at least four caterers - all in vain.

We thought it was the water; but we were supplied with the minral kind.

Did we think that it was the way we handled them that caused the illness....?

Hmmmmmm... I am afraid not.

Could I have avoided the bitterness that followed..?

I regret for not having put systems in place which could have created the possibility of a compassionate man management approach that has nothing to do with a budget of the film.

Sorry, I was ignorant that it needed to happen.

I thank my unit members who despite receiving some 'filmy treatment', never allowed the nastiness to creep into the film.


parwatisingari said…
Ram don't beat yourself too much sometimes these things happen.
better luck next time.
JKD said…
What do u mean by 'treatment'..? Just specify what you think were any 'mistakes' u made and what instead, you 'should' have done..?
Ramchandra PN said…
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Ramchandra PN said…
parwatisringari - yea, there is always a next time.
JKD - as I have mentioned in the post what I found difficult to do was to install a system in place that could have taken into account some of the anxities. I belive that if the anxities of the crew are not completed with, it is the film that is going to suffer. Fortunatly for me, the degree in which it has happened in my film is not much.

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