Why we exist?

I was in Pune last week to conduct a six days short film making workshop for the TV direction students at my Alma Mater, The Film and TV Institute of India. Ravi Dawala, who was facilitating the workshop, and I interacted a lot during this period. We discussed about a host of topics which included amongst other things - the Big Bang theory, Stephen Hawking, the grand design, atoms etc…

We also dealt with the question of making independent self funded films - like the one I am presently working on called Haal-e-Kangaal' (The Bankrupts) and the difficulty of finding an audience for such films, when we are not going through the mainstream distribution system. All of a sudden Ravi asked me a question, ‘Why are you making the film that you are making?'

For a second I was speechless. Why was I making films at all?

And then I said, ‘I have made the films that I have made because I have said that I would make them. Now, after having said so, if I had not made those those films, I would have been restless and incomplete.’
‘I also feel restless, if I am not making anything,’ nodded Ravi. He is in the process of completing the shooting of his first feature film, also shot independently and self funded.
Later on, when alone, another question arose. Why did I ever tell myself and others that I will make films?
It is like asking if anything existed before the big bang or for what purpose did the big bang happen or why does the magnetic or the gravitational force exist at all?
I ’ll leave it at that – I make films because I said so. 
A Google search got me this quote by Stephen Hawking - Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the Universe exists, why we exist.

The workshop at Pune


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