A film by...?

The Unbearable Being of Lightness

A few days back I gave some finishing touches to my new work "The Unbearable Being of Lightness", a documentary on a suicide note, a few gazes and a shopping area.

I was putting in the credit titles into it. The last title card always is 'A film by...'. Every time I type this title card I invariably hesitate, giving a pause. This time too, it was no exception. As I deleted the words 'film by' I stared into the blank title card wondering, as always, is this really a film?

After all I had not used a 'thin flexible strip of plastic or other material coated with light-sensitive emulsion for exposure in a camera, used to produce photographs or motion pictures' to make this work. I had used a digital camera.

I thought of using 'A video by...'. But somehow the images of fungus ridden U-matic magnetic tapes that we used to work on ages ago splashed into my mind. No one uses 'A video by...'. I did not want to be archaic.

Actually, we are all creating files. So, it should be 'A file by...'.

Films Division, the organisation for which I have been making some documentaries was on a lighter note referred to as 'Files Division'. Anything that needed to be recorded and noted was bundled up together in files and there were hordes of them stacked up in dusty shelves. 

Although friend Premraj didn't seem to have any of them on his table at any given point of time when I visited his office at Films Division, how on this earth can one just declare and use 'A file by...' ? So, clear. It just can't be that.

If it can't be that, what then can it be?

'A cinema by...'?

'A motion-picture by...'?

'A digital film by...'?

'A 1001100 by...?

A what by?


Unable to make up my mind, wanting to complete this long pending film, I choose the safe option and type in "A work by..' on the title card. Save and render.

I do know that a painter or a sculptor or a musician too can use these words to own up something that they have created. So can a road construction company or a farmer. So what?

Until I find a solution to what is essentially an existential issue, it is going to be a work by me.

Maybe my director colleagues can suggest something.

A work by...

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